lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

First time

Tonight, I just wanna talk about first time. Well, not properly. More correctly, I'd like to talk about my new "first time", something that I felt so strong on my day-run. 

In fact, today I began "officially" (could say?) my way to #SDW50, rejoining back the track after three weeks off-run (I told something about it, just in my last post). As said, these weeks weren't absolutely-no-sweat, and I tried to maintain a relatively good aerobic condition as well, through easy mountain biking and walking. But yes, that was a period, the longest one since 2010, with no running shoes. And It was awesome, and everyday I could feel pretty clear how much I needed that.

This afternoon, my pause came to the finish line, and I decided to feel again the smell of my laces. So, out of the door for an hour on a hilly course around home (not such a nice a weather..well, typical english weather, maybe...). No Garmin, no watch, no devices. Only shoes and shorts. First time, first run seeing a new finish line, a 50-mile long dream, at least in my mind. First time tryin' to "listen to" my feet, my strides and my breath, too. Chasing that thing, that connection between body and mind, that represents my real running-goal. 

Of course, that's a freakin' hard thing. Human mind is so powerful and you can feel many loud voices coming from it. I heared 'em this year in many occasions, and sometimes I could simply not chase them. Reflecting more specifically, I think that the power of our mind could be at the same time our worst enemy or our best strenght. We should only try to elaborate what mind is telling us, and use it properly to realize our dreams: and in my opinion, that's true for life and for running, too (but I think at the end, that it's always the same thing).

But tonight I could feel it, very clear. Reaching a finish line is an awesome pleasure, but still better is to try to understand the course, the trail to it, and to embrace every challenge on it.


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