martedì 16 settembre 2014

My way to #SDW50: same old sh@t, and a bit of something new. I am. A lot of you guys already know me, for sure; especially my italian bad@ss running brothers, that I miss everyday and that gave me a few years ago the initial inspiration and the opportunity to join running, new distances and terrains, too. 

They are not so many (basically because I'm still an as@shole ligurian bear-kind of guy), but all of them are really a huge part of my life and course, and I gotta thank all of 'em for their priceless friendship and brotherhood, so I won't nominate each of you  buddies, but you know "who you are".

But now it's time to put pants back on, and go to the point. You've probably already noted something new. No, none with blog's graphic or stuff like that: simply, I've turned on "english mode".

Yeah, I know what are you thinking about: "your english sucks so hard, why the hell had you this idea?": not so simple to answer to this: most of all, I just wanted to try to share a little bit more of myself (don't worry, teenage-mirror-selfies are still non-allowed on this blog), especially about my running-cycling-everything adventure; but I know also that some friend of mine are actually from England, Germany and even Sweden, and of course not all of them can really understand italian (I admit, sometimes I'm not so familiar with it, too). So for friends and readers from Italy, I promise you I'll still write also in italian, but in the meantime, deal with the new stuff.

There's also another reason that took me to that: in fact, I decided to go back in UK next year (in Sussex to be exact), essentially to have an holiday with Ari and enjoy those amazing places again, after many years (I was already there in 1994 and 1998) but also to try to run my very first 50-mile race: The South Downs Way 50, that 'll take place at the beginning of April 2015. (thanks my bro' @unknowndest, it's your fault dude!).

Back to school, time for homeworks

It won't be really my first ultra-race, because as you probably already know, in 2013 I ran a 50k trail in Swiss Jura, near Basel, and I've also had yet two other meetings with ultra-distances (56k and, this year, a road 100k), but they ended up with inglorious and spectacular DNF's (due to a stupid gear-mistake and to an annoying IT-band injury). 

But I'm pretty stubborn and determined, and seriously, I wanna try again an ultra-experience, maybe fixing a bit also my training to get safe and strong to the finish line for sure, but also because I've found in ultras such a great sense of accomplishment, sacrifice, passion and community, and the sense of "belong to it" is really great, and simply wanna feel it again.

So, can't wait to be there and run the same time, I know that my journey to it will be pretty long; with this blog, I hope I'll be able to share with you guys a bit of my experience and my trails.  (And a big shout out to my mates @Daniele for convincing me to "open the door" a bit, and @Luigi, who's in a pretty similar situation with his journey to NDW50).

Must say, I'm still essentially a newbie in running (I started running in 2010), and my other running experience are a bit of trails, road-races and a marathon (Freiburg Marathon 2014). So again, don't expect a running-expert blog or stuff like that. I'll hope also to improve my experience into it, and can't wait to read your blogs, opinions, race recaps and experiences to learn more and more about our sport.

Oh yeah, and I'll take back my english-books on my table, too ;-)

Enjoy your runs mates!


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